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CUDU takes part in the SRHE Annual Conference 2013

The SRHE (Society for Research into Higher Education) organizes the 2013 Conference in Newport from 11 to 13 December. This year's SRHE conference will examine perspectives on the global higher education experience and explore different educational, social, political, financial and technological ways in which higher education is developing and diversifying.

The Society’s Annual Conference is a truly international event bringing together delegates and contributors from over 30 countries. Researchers and scholars from the many forms of higher education globally as well as from the UK are contributing to this conference, stimulating international debate around this important theme.

The Chair will present a paper within the Track: management, leadership, quality and governance, entilted "An Approch to University management and leaderhip competencies in Central Asia: current trends and future challenges". This study derives from the ISMU project (co-funded by the European Commission under the Tempus Poject). 

Further information available on the Conference web